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The three types of security threat

The three types of security threat

01st January 2019

Regardless of what type of business or organisation you run, it’s important to understand the different kinds of security threats that you face. There are a wide variety of different criminals and would-be intruders who might try to break into your premises. Understanding who they are can help you select the appropriate security measures to stop them. Here at Zaun, we believe that, for most businesses and organisations, security risks fall into three broad categories. We’ll examine them in today’s blog entry so that you can make sure you’re prepared against them.

1. Opportunists

The majority of intruders are opportunistic criminals who will target poorly defended businesses in the hope of stealing cash or saleable assets. They are most likely to target small businesses and start-ups because they are more concerned with ease than with maximising their illegal profits. The good news is that they can be easily deterred in almost all cases. Alarm systems and visible CCTV cameras are highly effective at putting off most opportunists. In some cases, security fencing may also be necessary to deter opportunists, but you’re unlikely to need the highest-grade fencing available.

2. Organised criminals

Some prospective intruders are much more organised and work in teams to plan and execute ambitious burglaries. They may be part of criminal gangs or other groups. They tend to target larger businesses and organisations because their goal is to steal as much cash (or as many valuable assets) as possible in a single burglary. In order to deter or stop these criminals, you will need more than CCTV cameras and alarms: you will also require high-grade security fencing, which should be equipped with fence toppings, and a hostile vehicle mitigation system.

3. Idealogical intruders

Not all intruders are conventional criminals seeking a profit. Some are motivated by sincerely-held ideologies. They may attempt to infiltrate organisations they disagree with or sites associated with particular political activities. Deterring these individuals is almost impossible because they believe that what they are doing is right. However, they can be stopped. Security fencing and alarms are essential. However, they can be very persistent and are likely to try to overcome these defences repeatedly. As a result, you will also need trained security personnel who can get them away from your site.

Here at Zaun, we understand that different businesses and organisations have to deal with different security threats. That’s why we offer a wide range of different security measures, ranging from different types of fencing to HVM systems and CCTV cameras. If your business or organisation needs to be properly defended, check out our range of products today.