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How to paint a mesh fence

How to paint a mesh fence

21st May 2019

If high security is important for your business, then a wire mesh fence is the perfect match for you. But while mesh fencing is inexpensive, durable and the easiest way to keep out animals or intruders, in order to function to the best of its ability it needs to be well maintained.

Why is maintenance important?

Regularly checking and maintaining your mesh fence is vital to ensure no pests, intruders or wandering members of the public can gain access to your off-limits areas. Therefore, checking for tears, holes or broken fixings and panels at least once a week can help prevent unnecessary intrusion.

However, it’s not just about monitoring possible access points. A fence that appears well cared for can be a deterrent in itself to potential intruders who will be looking for signs as to whether your site is regularly monitored. That means carrying out regular cleaning and painting.

How to paint a mesh fence

Painting a mesh fence is a simple process, but it can be a bigger job if you have a large site. Proper preparation is also important to ensure an excellent result and avoid complications. Here’s how you can give yours a fresh, professional look:

1. Clean the fence surroundings

Give yourself room to work by clearing out all the weeds and plants around the base of the fence. Remove any previous fence decor and also any creepers you may find growing on the fence. Make sure the bottom can be painted easily by removing any soil in the way.

2. Remove dirt from mesh fencing

Get rid of the dirt or rust on your fence by thoroughly cleaning it. Use a brush to remove any stubborn dirt you may find. Workaround both sides of the mesh, removing as much rust and dirt as possible. Then spray down the fence using a hose to remove any scraps of dirt or leaves sitting in the fence. Allow it to dry off completely.

3. Use masking tape

Block any areas of the fence that you don’t want to be painted by using masking tape. Make sure to cover up any walls or trees that stand close to the fence.

4. Use rust-stopping spray

Use a rust inhibitor and spray down any areas of the fence that look rusted. If your fence is old, make sure that you also apply a coat of primer to it.

Save time with powder-coated mesh fencing

Painting a mesh fence can be a difficult job, so many business owners choose to install fencing that already comes with a powder-coated finish. At Zaun, we offer custom-built powder coated mesh fencing in a variety of colours to match the brand of your business or your environmental surroundings. Not only is it resistant to chipping, salt, graffiti, UV and environmental pollution, but it has up to 25 years of life expectancy – saving you the hassle of future paint jobs for a long time to come.

To find out more about our high-quality mesh fencing that is durable and robust, speak to us at Zaun today.