Outdoor Basketball Court Fencing why install a welded mesh fence

Top reasons to install a welded mesh fence around your outdoor basketball court

Top reasons to install a welded mesh fence around your outdoor basketball court

09th October 2018

Whether as a modern boundary or for security purposes, a fencing system around your outdoor basketball court is not only important but also trendy. Due to its impressive features such as versatility, high tensile strength, and corrosion-resistant nature.

So what advantages do you stand to enjoy by installing outdoor basketball court fencing?

It helps you focus more on the game.

Rather than endlessly chasing down errant balls, fencing helps you focus on the game in general. Without it, players spend much of the time collecting balls.

If the court is along an avenue, cliff or river, chasing balls can be risky. Having a fence in place reduces such risks.

Guaranteed privacy and security

A basketball court can be an entry to your home. In most homes, the basketball court is located in the backyard behind the house and close to the main fence. By installing a welded mesh fence, you are reinforcing your home’s security.

If the basketball court is along a high traffic street, a welded mesh fence keeps away parties not invited to the court. The gates along the fence can be locked to ensure that only authorized personnel are allowed in. Passersby cannot interfere when your children are playing.

Better length and height

Another advantage of this type of fence is that you can set it to any preferred height. This is unlike most fences, whose heights range from 4 – 6 feet.


Compared to other kinds of fencing, a welded mesh fence is cost-effective in the long run. Thicker versions of the fence offer more resistance because of their tougher and sturdier design. They will outlive other fences such as chain links.

Increases the value of a property

Having a secure outdoor basketball court improves the value and appearance of your property. Long-lasting welded mesh fencing offers enhanced aesthetics, wind protection, security, and privacy.

The safety of your outdoor basketball court should be paramount. The benefits of installing a welded mesh fence around the court far outweigh the related costs. Install one today and enjoy the above advantages from Zaun.