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Sports fencing is essential to reduce risk in schools

Sports fencing is essential to reduce risk in schools

20th July 2020

Sports fencing is an important part of any school’s physical education setup, and a school MUGA facility needs to be properly secured to keep users and spectators safe. However, not all fencing is equal. For example, to reduce risk in schools and keep students completely safe during football and basketball games, the highest quality fencing uses additional safety measures that further enhance the performance of any safety solution. Zaun Fencing has many years of experience in providing complete fencing solutions that employ a range of extra features that other fencing brands do not to ensure that nothing is left to chance when it comes to pupil safety. So why are these extra features so important?

Hidden dangers

While safety fences are designed to protect players and spectators from danger, the fence itself can also be a hazard if not properly protected. Zaun fences can be equipped with a range of options to mitigate these dangers: For example, Safety Channels on the tops of low-level fences. These channels cover the tops of fences that stand lower to the ground and maybe gripped by hands or brushed up against by players and spectators, which could present a sharp edge or a place for fingers to become accidentally trapped. By installing safety channels, you can effectively mitigate this risk. Similarly, installing slow-closing mechanisms on gates can avoid slamming shut onto a person in the wind or accidentally closing on a person’s limbs, thereby reducing the risk of injury.

Reducing risk

Not all optional safety features are there to protect against immediate danger, and some are there to avoid potentially dangerous situations ever occurring. For example, roof netting and ball stop netting can prevent objects from entering and leaving the playing area, protecting bystanders from being hit accidentally and players from being hit by balls from other playing areas. Even less obvious dangers can be mitigated: All Zaun products are provided with EPDM inserts, reducing rattling, making it difficult for teachers to hear pupils, itself a risk to their health. Thanks to fencing rather than solid walls, teachers can more easily maintain their line of sight around the sports field, allowing them to see all areas at once and spot potential injury or dangerous situations like fights or bullying.

Zaun Fencing solutions go above and beyond the usual in providing world-class health and safety for pupils, teachers, and bystanders around school MUGA facilities to reduce risk in schools.