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Secure solutions with bespoke fencing

Secure solutions with bespoke fencing

16th July 2010

Paul Painter, Managing Director at fencing solutions specialist Zaun, looks at the role of perimeter fencing and highlights the importance of a bespoke approach for a variety of applications.

A perimeter fencing system can play a number of different roles dependent on your project requirements. If, for example, you are looking for a suitable boundary for a school project, then the key factors are security and aesthetic appeal. Security comes first as keeping pupils and staff safe and secure is a priority, whilst also protecting the school from the threat of intruders, criminal activity and anti-social behaviour. However, the aesthetics of the perimeter solution also needs to be considered, avoiding a fortress or prison like appearance that may be detrimental to a school’s reputation.

At the opposite end of the scale are the factors that are important for applications like fencing for sports pitches. Here, the main implications are usually keeping a ball, whether this be a tennis, hockey or football, in the confines of the pitch arena. Noise issues are another factor that need to taken into account, particularly if the pitch is in a built-up area near a housing estate. There are also the costs associated with maintain a sports fence that is susceptible to damage from a ball constantly hitting it at force.

For those working in the landscaping sector, there is obviously a wide range of projects where a perimeter system is needed, from schools and sports pitches, through to parks, playgrounds and commercial buildings to name but a few. The fact that not one project is the same makes it essential the solution you choose is fit for purpose. Those looking to invest in a fencing solution will want peace of mind that it is a worthwhile long-term investment, taking into account its whole-life cost, its ability to perform to the highest standards and meet industry expectations.

Sporting the latest look

At Zaun, we believe that no matter what the application is, it is important to look at its individual requirements as well as any potential problem areas that may arise. A recent example of this was a multi-million pound project to develop a second Olympic standard pitch at Cannock Hockey Club. Zaun was tasked to develop an innovative solution specifically tailored towards hockey pitches.

The Club had come across a number of issues on its other pitches where traditional mesh fencing had been installed around the perimeter that featured wooden boards at the bottom. The heavy impact from balls had caused a substantial amount of damage over time and required vast amounts of expensive repair work, as well as an excessive amount of noise being produced from balls rebounding off the boards.

Following a site visit, Zaun was able to determine a suitable and completely unique mesh fencing solution that now forms a strong part of its sports and play fencing range.

Utilising 8mm wires in a tight 25mm by 50mm pattern clad to the bottom section of the fencing, Zaun’s Hockey range was able to effectively withstand and absorb ball impact during play. Issues with noise were also eliminated by installing fixings every 200mm incorporating synthetic rubber inserts to reduce rattle. Tested under the same conditions, Zaun’s Hockey fencing range only produced a noise level of 68dB, in comparison to the traditional wooden hockey boards that reached levels of 97dB.

Had it not been for Zaun’s Hockey fencing range, an unsuitable perimeter could of been installed that would not of been able to cope with the rigor of such ball games as hockey.

Not just a fence

Zaun understands that fencing doesn’t just mean providing a perimeter, it can be utilised to resolve further issues. This was the case for Paget High School in Staffordshire, which required a cost-effective yet secure means to store individual bikes, encouraging pupils to cycle to school as a healthier and more environmentally friendly way of traveling.

In response to this, Zaun was able to develop a brand new range of robust mesh bike lockers that could be individually locked and hired out to students each school year. The solution had to be financially affordable, unlike many similar products currently out there in the marketplace that seemed overpriced. Zaun identified this issue and manufactured, delivered and installed the bike lockers to Paget High School at an affordable price.

What’s next?

Perimeter fencing provides more than just a boundary nowadays. As the UK fencing market becomes increasingly saturated with a wide selection of products, it can be difficult to determine which is the best solution. Zaun strives to make every step of this process as simple as possible – everything from design and manufacturing, right through to installation advice and aftercare.

Not only can we help to point you in the right direction, we can update you with the latest technological developments, including Zaun’s revolutionary Armaweave range. Designed specifically for high security applications such as airports, utility plants and other areas of critical national infrastructure, its innovative woven pattern requires no welding to hold it together, making it the first of its kind on the market.

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