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Upgrading the perimeter of an airport

Upgrading the perimeter of an airport

18th September 2018

In this day and age, airport perimeter security is a paramount consideration in all areas of the world. However, the security of any airport is in doubt if the perimeter fencing can be easily breached. Throughout the United States, statistics show that airport perimeter fencing is breached every ten days. Although these breaches were not terrorist-related, they did entail threats and security offences within the airport sites. Ultimately, security breaches have a knock-on effect on flights and cause delays that affect passengers and result in high airport charges.

Importance of perimeter fencing for heightened airport security

Your airport perimeter fence is your first line of defence against intrusions. In addition, you may well operate a first-class detection and surveillance system within the airport. Still, if your perimeter is inadequate, it is likely to cause more instances of intrusion and threats to staff and property. Good quality surveillance and detection systems help you locate and follow up on perimeter breaches but result in significant losses of time in rectifying issues, causing disruptions and delays that are difficult to manage.

Chain link fencing is quite commonly used as an airport perimeter security measure; however, it really is not sufficient in our modern age and does not provide the level of protection required. Airport security executives often opt for chain link fencing as a cost-effective deterrence to intrusion attempts. Unfortunately, chain link fencing does not deter would-be intruders and will not prevent forced entries. Indeed, it will take less than 16 seconds for a would-be intruder to create an entry in a chain-link fence.

When you have a suitable detection and surveillance system in place, time is of the essence of detecting intrusions. The longer it takes for potential intruders to access the airport’s perimeter, the more time you will gain to activate security measures for the apprehension of the individuals.

Modern intrusions often entail using a vehicle to gain access, so hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) fencing solutions can be the best solution for airport perimeter fencing. SecureGuard supply a mobile HVM fence that provides an extremely sophisticated portable solution to protect airport perimeters and runways. The SecureGuard protection system will immobilise any vehicles impacting the fence at strategic points in any airport perimeter.

The SecureGuard perimeter protection fencing system is fully certified and tested to provide protection against trucks up to 7500kg in weight that impact fences at speeds between 20mph and 50mph. SecureGuard perimeter fencing is strong enough to sustain several attempted breaches. This is an ideal option for preventing vehicle intrusions and provides the crash barrier for any vehicles that inadvertently hit the fence while travelling on local roads.

SecureGuard perimeter fencing systems are quick and easy to install and require very little maintenance. In addition, the fencing is portable, so it can be deployed in vulnerable locations where it’s not essential to provide permanent fencing solutions. Get in touch with Zaun today to find out more.