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Is it time to upgrade your surveillance system?

Is it time to upgrade your surveillance system?

03rd November 2016

You might have the best security fencing that money can buy, but what about that old greyscale VHS-based security system you purchased in the 1980s? Sure, it’s better than nothing, but why set the bar so low? Advances in CCTV technology have allowed for some pretty amazing things. In particular, did you know that there are now cameras that will automatically detect and track intruders? What makes this so great is that control rooms don’t need to rely on human competence to ensure a thief and/or intruder is identified and apprehended.

Another advance is simply one of technical superiority. Most modern CCTV cameras are high-definition capable and at least five times the quality of traditional VHS units. One of the initial concerns about using HD cameras for CCTV was that it would burn through too much hard drive space, and hard drive space was precious. However, hard-drive capacity has skyrocketed over the past decade, meaning that even small businesses can afford the data bandwidth that HD CCTV cameras produce. Moreover, as always, existing material that is old and seemingly without use can be replaced automatically, meaning that you don’t need to order new hard drives each week.

If you don’t have CCTV at all at your business, a modern CCTV kit – in combination with one of our high-quality fences – will help ensure that your company’s (or house’s) privacy and security are maintained 24/7. Speaking of houses, an automated system is handy for the modern home, as it means your house’s exterior will always be monitored, even if you’re not there to check it. You can even have an automated alarm call you if it detects suspicious activity. It is also a great deterrence to would-be criminals.

Your family and your business should always be protected from the dangerous and, at times, malevolent forces that loom in the shadows. Furthermore, CCTV cameras are also useful for insurance cases and the like, as recordings can be used as evidence if your insurer ever tries to avoid paying out on your insurance policy.

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