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Safe & secure perimeter systems

Safe & secure perimeter systems

28th January 2014

Advanced perimeter systems have developed significantly over the last 20 years, with the requirement for fit for purpose and aesthetically appropriate solutions now top of the agenda for security and safety conscious businesses.

Perimeter fencing serves a hugely important role, yet is not always recognised for the intrinsic value it generates for businesses. Not only does it serve as a crucial crime deterrent and potential safety barrier, but it also functions as a required solution for a wide spectrum of uses, from high security applications to school railing systems.

Where advanced perimeter systems are concerned no two are the same, placing huge demands on businesses operating in the sector to provide flexible, durable and cost effective solutions to their client base. As part of this journey, product innovation is crucial, particularly if businesses are to remain competitive in the current economic climate and look towards a strategy of increasing domestic and international market share; developing products that exceed customer requirements and industry standards.

Zaun Ltd has been providing high quality steel fencing products and solutions since 1996. Over the last 18 years it has developed a strong reputation for bespoke, customer focused service, catering for a wide range of clients in the UK and worldwide.

The company has grown significantly since its inception, starting out by importing twin-wire fencing solutions for UK-based customers in 1996. It now operates from a 100,000 sq ft purpose built manufacturing facility in Wolverhampton, providing a complete service solution, from concept through to completion, including installation and maintenance.

In addition to its headquarters in the Black Country, the company has extended its global reach opening an office in Paris, to serve customers across Europe, and in Dubai, for Middle Eastern projects.

While Zaun’s engineering prowess can be seen in its flexibility to provide tailored products to its customers, based on site requirements, location and landscape, its product range continues to expand. Current solutions include electric and security fencing, as well as perimeter fencing, ornate fencing and school and play area fencing, including sliding and swing gates and railings and access control systems.

It has just secured a patent for its MultiFence mobile high-security Hostile Vehicle Mitigation fence assembly it created especially for the London 2012 Olympic Games, by mounting its PAS 68 MultiFence into Multibloc concrete blocks to resist attack by 7.5 tonne vehicles driven straight at it at 40mph.

It uses anti-climb mesh fencing with posts mounted in concrete blocks using a unique bolting method which allows the panels to follow a curve or go from a flat surface to an incline with ease. The mounting of the fencing on the blocks also means that a considerable amount of space is saved over using separate roadblocks and temporary fencing.

The system is ideal for applications such as utility plants, as no below-ground foundations are required and can be used on soft and hard standing.

Zaun also makes the highest security fencing solution available in the UK market, ArmaWeave┬«. This is already used at a number of high-profile maximum-security installations across the UK and has achieved Secured by Design accreditation, the official UK Police flagship initiative supporting the principles of ‘designing out crime’.

Steve Roberts, Marketing Manager at Zaun, confirmed: “Our product range is well established and with demand strong in the UK and abroad for our expertise, the prospects are looking good for the future. However, as a business we are committed to R&D in order to develop the capabilities of our existing designs, and promote innovative advancement of new perimeter solutions. We can’t rest on our laurels as competition is fierce.

“One of the advantages of manufacturing in the UK and in other strategic locations is that we can respond quickly to the needs of our customers, by producing solutions that are uniquely tailored to individual circumstances. Our innovative approach means that we can react quickly to market conditions and customer requirements, meeting and exceeding expectations and winning new business as a result.”

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