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Hostile Vehicle Mitigation systems to prevent mobile terrorist attacks

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation systems to prevent mobile terrorist attacks

29th August 2019

The national terrorism threat level here in the UK, encompassing England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, is currently severe. This means that any high profile events and/or attracting large numbers of people are at risk. This includes things such as concerts, sporting events and political party conferences or gatherings. So there are five levels all in all.

Level 1: Low – This indicates that an attack is improbable

Level 2: Moderate – An attack is possible, although unlikely

Level 3: Substantial – The chances of an attack are thought to be likely

Level 4: Severe – An attack could be highly probable

Level 5: Critical – A terrorist attack is highly likely in the immediate future

The severe category is almost as high as warnings go, and it means that we must all remain alert of the potential danger.

Likely increase in Political Party Conferences and rally activity

The incidence of political party conferences and rallies could increase dramatically shortly, given the political climate and Brexit. If a no-confidence vote is taken and passed and a general election is called, political activity will explode. As a result, the terrorist attack threat level could quite easily reach level five.

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation systems

The use of motor vehicles to carry explosive devices or to mow innocent people down in the street is increasing, which is why the need for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) has never been so high. Luckily there are already several proven deterrents that can be employed to counter the threat from hostile vehicles.

The products available include things like gates, barriers and blockers. Some of these devices are permanent fixtures – some are temporary, and some can be deployed only when the occasion arises.

Things like automatic bollards and shallow mount or full-depth blockers, all of which retract into the ground when not in use, require some foundation to be installed. But if this is not possible, other systems can be employed that bolt straight into the ground. These, too, are substantial HVM systems designed to withstand a vehicle crashing into them. Again, all of these products are manufactured to PAS 68 standards.

To view the complete range of HVM high-security systems available, please call us here at Zaun on 01902 796699, visit our website or email us at [email protected].