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Securing political party conferences

Securing political party conferences

17th August 2017

Whilst disturbances at political party conferences are not uncommon, the increasing dissatisfaction of the electorate has resulted in more lively disruptions in recent years. Although most protesters want to increase awareness of their cause, there is always the risk that someone might attempt to harm a high-profile political figure or that rioting will break out.

To avoid these types of security threats, conference venues must be secured properly and effectively. Perimeter fencing, for example, provides a high-security solution to a potential threat.

Whilst additional security staff may be on duty during the conference; the venue must be secured well in advance. Using perimeter fencing can ensure that no unauthorised personnel can access the venue in the days or weeks preceding the event.

Ensuring political events take place safely

While political party conferences may not occur regularly, there are plenty of other political events that require effective security. For example, recent years, the Scottish Independence and Brexit campaigns and regular local and general elections have resulted in a surge of events and rallies.

Increasing threats, however, have resulted in discord at some events, and the personal safety of politicians has been threatened on numerous occasions. As with any large event, it’s vital that all attendees can participate in the event without fearing for their personal safety.

By installing perimeter fencing, venue managers can ensure that people who have not been vetted before the event are admitted. This can help to minimise the risk of disruptions but will also increase the safety of authorised attendees.

Preventing unauthorised access with perimeter fencing

Furthermore, using high-security perimeter fencing reduces the number of entry and exit points. At larger events, with hundreds or thousands of attendees, this can be extremely beneficial to security.

If attendees need to be searched or screened before being admitted, perimeter fencing can ensure that everyone goes through this process before entering the venue. As well, should someone try to enter with prohibited items or weapons, they can be apprehended before committing an offence of any kind.

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