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Three safety and security essentials for any sporting event

Three safety and security essentials for any sporting event

11th November 2021

Sporting events have some of the most complicated security requirements in the world. With people often travelling across continents to watch their favourite teams or sports stars, footfall at sports events can be huge. With thousands of people in one place, effective security measures are essential, so read on to learn more about the three most important elements of any sporting event’s security procedures.

Attendance tracking

If you don’t already, using tickets is a good way to start regulating the number of people at a sports event. Unfortunately, we all know the devasting impact of having too many people in a stadium, so you want to avoid overcrowding as much as possible.

By using effective ticketing software, you can impose hard limits on the number of people who can buy tickets to your event. This way, the number of attendees can’t spiral, and you can ensure a safe and fun event for all involved.

Security guards

The next step to keeping your operation safe is the use of security staff. Security guards can ensure that all of your strict rules are being followed, from ensuring that bags are the right size to checking that everyone has a ticket before entering.

Security guards are the first step in active security, meaning any threats can be dealt with as soon as possible. From a simple local tennis court to the football World Cup, every sporting event needs to use security staff to keep spectators and players safe.

Security fencing

Finally, to make all of your other measures as effective as possible, you’ll need a custom-designed perimeter fence. After all, how good is a ticketed event’s security when wrongdoers can walk in anyway? Security fencing can guide all spectators and fans to where they need to be, simplifying the security process and letting everyone focus on the match at hand.

If you’re interested in sports fencing designed especially for your venue, get in touch with the team at Zaun today. We’re proud to offer bespoke fencing for a range of sporting venues, helping you to focus on organising the match rather than having to worry about your security. So give us a call today to find out what we can do for you.