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How perimeter fencing protects utility security

How perimeter fencing protects utility security

02nd November 2021

Ensuring the safety and security of our utilities is critical to ensuring that day-to-day life is not disturbed. Utility stations are a vital aspect of national infrastructure, and any security breaches could cause massive destruction and service outage.

The importance of utility sites and critical national infrastructure (CNI) to the economy, and the widespread damage a security breach could cause, means it is essential to offer utility sites the highest levels of protection from threats, ranging from opportunistic theft or vandalism to acts of terrorism.

As we are so reliant on utilities such as electricity, we must have effective means of protecting these facilities. There are many ways to ensure the safety and security of these important locations, with trusted perimeter fencing often acting as the first line of defence from potential threats.

Multi-layered security

Utility sites are best secured using a multi-layered system, working from the outside-in with secure perimeter fencing. This works as a deterrent and a barrier that gives on-site security a chance to respond to any threats appropriately.

There are a lot of implementations of perimeter fencing available. Still, we advise going with fencing put through rigorous testing to meet industry standards such as LPS1175, CPNI Approved and PAS 68.

Another consideration for utility sites is finding perimeter fencing that includes a quality guarantee of sorts. This will ensure that the fencing is built to superior quality and is less likely to be compromised due to design flaws.

Maintaining current security measures.

A good perimeter fence is only as useful as its last inspection. Regular maintenance of these fences will ensure that any damage or issues found along the perimeter can be addressed quickly. This will keep the site secure and help protect against more sustained, worrying damage down the road.

Utility stations need to be constantly secure, and perimeter fencing can help with that. The caveat is that it requires the right type of fencing and regular upkeep to keep it in excellent working condition. If you’re interested in perimeter fencing and would like to know more, please contact our team at Zaun today.