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Security fencing for extreme situations

Security fencing for extreme situations

13th July 2017

Most businesses and organisations use security fencing to protect themselves from thieves, vandals and other low-level criminals. As a result, these businesses and organisations don’t invest in particularly tough fencing. After all, petty criminals don’t have the resources to attack security fencing effectively. However, here at Zaun, we believe that even organisations that aren’t likely to be targeted by high-level criminals or intruders need top-of-the-line security fencing.

If you run a small business or organisation, you need to understand that extreme situations can befall any site or premises. That’s why you should invest in resilient security fencing from a reliable supplier (like us). In today’s blog, we’ll look at some of the extreme situations that can damage security fencing and what you can do to defend against them.

1. Storms

Petty criminals may not have the power to damage basic security fencing, but Mother Nature does. Heavy storms can blow over flimsy fencing panels, thereby creating breaches in security for intruders to take advantage of. Storms can strike anywhere and at any time, which is why we think you should invest in tough, flexible fencing panels like the ones we offer here at Zaun.

2. Vehicular collisions

You may not be worried about criminals attacking your business using a vehicle. However, vehicles can collide with your security fencing accidentally. For example, if a car is involved in an accident at high speed and hits your security fencing, the fencing could be damaged in a way that allows intruders to get into your site or premises. Hostile vehicle mitigation systems can prevent this problem.

3. Terrorist attacks

One of the most horrifying aspects of terrorism is that it is completely indiscriminate. You may think that your business or organisation wouldn’t be targeted by terrorists, but, sadly, there’s no way to be sure. That’s why you need a comprehensive security system, including tough fences, CCTV cameras that can spot potential threats and well-trained security personnel.

Here at Zaun, we aim to provide high-quality fencing and security equipment that can survive and protect you, even in extreme situations. So don’t delay: take a look at our range today and make sure you’re protected.