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Why is security fencing essential for any mental health facility?

Why is security fencing essential for any mental health facility?

24th September 2019

Your mental health facility plays a key role in modern society. They help to look after people experiencing distressing mental health issues and provide top-class care for those in this situation to get better with. Among the range of precautions these sites use to stay secure, mental health fencing is a major one. But why is perimeter fencing so key to these facilities, and how do they operate?

Keeps patients safe

These clinics’ people are often very ill and not in a clear state of mind. This actually poses a big risk to their own safety if they leave the facility. They could, for example, incur serious injury from walking in front of traffic which they do not register or walking off the edge of a tall building in a daze. Security fencing provides an effective barrier to keep the patients inside where they are safe and can be well looked after.

It helps to keep the public safe too.

Although it is often not their fault due to the altered state of mind, some mental health patients can pose a risk to the public while being treated. Unfortunately, this is not a quick process in many cases and means that these patients must be kept inside any facility to protect the public. Top-quality mental health fencing is a valuable tool here as it is hard to breach and makes any patient escaping less likely.

It gives protection to the premises.

Mental health facilities are secure locations that the general public should not access without permission. Unfortunately, there will always be some criminal elements that do not respect this. Whether it is to steal equipment, vandalise buildings or simply trespass, some people will attempt to intrude on the grounds of mental health clinics. Installing security fencing gives a visual deterrent to these people and provides a physical barrier to keep them out.

Call Zaun today for superior mental health fencing

At Zaun, we have helped many facilities of this kind stay safe and protect their patients with superior perimeter fencing. Whether you choose woven or welded mesh fencing, it will give a strong and effective way to secure your site. Call today for more details.