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Why fencing for mental health facilities matters

Why fencing for mental health facilities matters

16th May 2019

There are numerous facilities in the UK that need secure fencing to support the people within. Mental health facilities are becoming more and more common, and they are designed to support people who need to receive specialist treatment in a safe and secure environment.

Some patients within these facilities have the ability to display anti-social behaviour or are prone to demonstrating violence, which is why quality mental health fencing is an important security and safety necessity.

There are numerous mental health fencing options available. They are typically designed based on the facility’s needs and need low or high-security features on-site. With mental health awareness rising due to mainstream media campaigns, mental health facilities are modernizing their offerings and improving their security standards.

Read on for the things that mental health facilities need to consider when it comes to their fencing

Perimeter fencing

A perimeter fence is vital in marking the boundaries of a facility, and many perimeter fences are designed to make patients feel safe.

The varying requirements per facility can be complex, but all the fences need to prevent escapes without making the venue feel like a prison. To create this effect, it is recommended that mental health fencing is high and secure and designed subtly.

Internal fencing

Mental health facilities are often segmented into different zones to care for patients experiencing different difficulties. Some zones within the facility will need to be secure with high and sturdy fencing to prevent escape, and some outdoor areas will need to be separated by elegant railings that promote a sense of calm.

The experts at Zaun know how to design, deliver and install various types of fencing to suit a mental health facility’s needs.

The Zaun fencing range includes highly secure anti-climb perimeter fences with tamper-proof barrier fences, ideal for securing areas.

Their extensive portfolio of fencing work across the UK’s mental health facilities is impressive for its security and subtle design, which validates their renowned reputation for being the go-to experts in mental health fencing in the UK.