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Why your storage facility needs welded wire mesh fencing

Why your storage facility needs welded wire mesh fencing

27th November 2018

If you are running a storage facility, you’ll know that security is a top priority. After all, the value of items on your premises will be very high and a lure for any potential thief. That’s why you need to have strong perimeter fencing and other security measures around your premises, to protect the items in storage.

Mesh fencing is the best choice for protecting storage facilities, and here’s why.

1. It creates a visual barrier

When a thief is looking at a potential target to break into, they’ll assess how easy it is to gain entrance to the premises. When you erect welded wire mesh fencing, you automatically create a strong barrier that thieves will think twice about tackling.

Criminals want to have it easy when breaking. So, if you use barriers that are harder to overcome, you’re immediately relegated to a less important target.

2. Mesh fencing is easy to install and maintain

Compared to other perimeter options, mesh fencing is easier and quicker to install. That means your security can be in place before anyone can attempt to enter your premises.

Mesh fencing also requires less maintenance than other forms of protection. Therefore, the long-term costs are far lower.

3. Mesh fencing retains its look

When perimeters look old, thieves will think that the security lacks maintenance and your facility becomes a more tempting target. Mesh fencing doesn’t lose its look over time. Therefore those looking to break in will not make that negative judgement about your security.

This also helps you gain customers, as you can show them how secure your facility is without having to replace, upgrade or repair your outer defences constantly.

4. It’s hard to break mesh fencing

If thieves do decide to try to break into your storage facility, they’ll have a tough time doing so. The typical thief uses bolt cutters, but these won’t help them with mesh fencing, which requires more advanced tools to break.

Even if they had the appropriate tools to break through your fencing, it would take a long time: more than enough time for other security measures to detect and alert you to the intrusion.

Your storage facility is a high target for thieves. That’s why you need high security at your premises. A strong security perimeter formed from mesh fencing is a perfect choice as it is inexpensive, easy to install and hard to break. This won’t just protect your business but offer you a good USP to convince customers to use your storage services.

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