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Railings Vs Mesh Fencing

Railings Vs Mesh Fencing

04th August 2016

Railings vs mesh fencing

At Zaun, we create and supply both railing and mesh fencing solutions. Railings vs mesh fencing, both viable, resilient security options that can be deployed in various contexts without losing efficacy. But which one do you need? Making the right choice can be critical, as each option offers its own distinct advantages and has its own (albeit minor) drawbacks. Luckily, choosing the correct security solution for you doesn’t have to be difficult. By looking at the differences between railings and mesh fencing, you can easily ascertain which one would better protect your premises or your event.

Why choose mesh fencing?

Mesh fencing is one of the most secure perimeter fencing options available. It can absorb a great deal of force without breaking, and it’s almost impossible for criminals or intruders to compromise its structure significantly. It can also be augmented with additional security measures, such as electrification, hostile vehicle mitigation systems and alarms. This makes it ideal for providing heavy-duty security. If you need to secure a private compound or a high-budget, well-known event, mesh fencing is one of your safest options.

Why choose railings?

Railings are simple, elegant and stylish. The majority of our railing solutions, designed to combine security with visual appeal. They are also sturdy and have low maintenance costs associated with them. This makes them ideal for protecting public spaces or smaller, less high-profile premises or events. They aren’t quite as secure as mesh fencing. But they still provide a more-than-adequate level of protection for small businesses, privately-run events and publicly-owned areas.

Regardless of whether you choose to use railings or mesh fencing. We can provide you with a security solution that suits your needs. Contact Zaun today to find out more.