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Security fencing for public spaces

Security fencing for public spaces

29th March 2016

Are you in charge of maintaining a public space or building and ensuring that it isn’t damaged or vandalised? If so, you should consider investing in security fencing. You may believe that there is no point in installing security fencing around areas that the general public has the right to access. After all, it’s not like you can use it to stop people from gaining entrance. However, in reality, security fencing is just as useful and effective for public areas for privately-owned property. Fencing can help you maintain and control publicly accessible areas in several important ways.

1. Locking up for maintenance

While public spaces are usually kept open and accessible, it is entirely legitimate to lock them up when you need to have maintenance carried out. Keeping passers-by out of the area temporarily can make it easier to carry out repairs, cleaning and other important maintenance work. Rather than setting up a fresh security perimeter every time you need to carry out maintenance, you can install permanent security fencing and gates. This makes it easier to lock up the area whenever you have to. You may also like to lock the area up at night to reduce the risk of vandalism.

2. Channelling visitors

Security fencing allows you to ensure visitors enter the space or building via gates or other openings: they can’t simply approach the area from any angle. Thus, limiting the number of routes. In addition, limiting means that you can cover all the entry points with a limited CCTV system if you choose to, thereby reducing the risk of vandalism and other crimes.

3. Creating psychological barriers

Security fencing sends out a strong message: it tells people that the area is actively maintained and secured. Unfortunately, this often acts as a disincentive. Unfortunately, individuals may otherwise have abused the area or used it for criminal activity.

Here at Zaun, we provide a wide range of high-quality and stylish security fencing solutions that can be set up around public areas without ruining their aesthetic appeal. We understand that perimeter fencing is often associated with the private sector. However, there’s no reason why public spaces can’t benefit from it too. So if you’re in charge of running such a space, contact us today to find out more about how our fencing solutions could help you.