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3 tips for effective school fencing

3 tips for effective school fencing

06th February 2020

The security of a children’s playground is paramount to the design, yet thousands of children and young people are injured every year by poorly planned playground fencing and gates. School fencing is a simple way to secure a playground or recreation area and keep kids safe. Here are three things to consider when it comes to choosing effective school fencing.

Durability is key

Vandalism is a common sight in all play parks and youth grounds, but it doesn’t have to be. Using properly durable materials and adequate security measures will ensure that the park is secured after dark. This can have the effect of cutting incidents of vandalism by up to 96%. If the gates and fencing surrounding the play equipment are properly treated and installed, they are far less likely to fail. Less weak spots mean that children and young people cannot enter the park after hours, resulting in far fewer incidents of vandalism and anti-social behaviour.

Don’t forget the top.

Fence toppings are usually left off of the top of the playground design. However, they are an essential finish to a properly secured playground. Many designers avoid them for fear of having to use barbed or razor wire toppings. However, there are many friendly options available, which are much more suitable for children’s playgrounds. Toppings like a cranked fence topping don’t look intimidating and can be combined with a set of transitional panels to finish the look. Yet, they add a valuable layer of security for the children’s equipment, keeping it in good condition.

Don’t skimp on height.

For areas that include a sports court or a football pitch near, you should consider taller fencing. Fencing and cages designed to keep balls and sports equipment contained can ensure that both play areas remain pleasant places for children and adults to spend time.

Youth areas must be properly secured after dark to avoid them becoming hotspots for anti-social behaviour. Make sure that you choose school fencing with a gate system that can be securely locked after dark, protecting the tarmac, equipment, and the public.

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