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3 considerations when installing your tennis fencing

3 considerations when installing your tennis fencing

08th August 2019

Once you have installed your tennis court surface, your next priority is how to fence the tennis court. This can be a tricky choice: there are many options out there, and you want a perimeter fence that will suit your individual requirements. Whether yours is a private court in a school, or a public court next to a play park, be sure to pick a fencing design that will enhance the experience of your tennis players. Our sports experts have put together the top 3 considerations when choosing a lasting tennis fence:

Fit the court first

The fence will be simpler and neater to install if the court is already laid. The kind of court you have installed may also change the kind of fencing you would like. For example, a high-end court material will need protecting from stray animals as well as trespassers, so you may want to consider a fence product with closer links. Likewise, once your court surface is fitted, you will want to consider the risk of vandalism. Our professionals have developed a low-maintenance rigid mesh pattern that is graffiti-resistant and difficult to cut, to keep your new court surface protected.

Avoid tennis injuries

No, we don’t mean tennis elbow! Stray tennis balls have been known to injure members of the public close to sports grounds, so if your tennis court is in a public place, make sure that you take a look at the Advantage Tennis court system which uses a 42.85mm x 200mm mesh. This specialist design ensures that the ball cannot pass through the mesh, unlike the more commonly used 50mm x 200mm design.

Reduce noise-impact

Tennis is a notoriously noisy sport, so if you are fitting your court next to a set of busy classrooms, or in a peaceful park, make sure that you ask our designers about our specialist EPDM inserts and fixings. These reduce the noise caused by strong ball impacts and are a must-have regardless of whether your tennis court is frequented by beginners or pros.