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The advantages of fencing for tennis courts

The advantages of fencing for tennis courts

21st December 2017

In the UK, we are blessed with lush green grass, which, when closely shorn, can offer a fast and exciting service for tennis. But as we approach the middle of winter, Wimbledon tennis in the height of summer seems a long way away! That’s why it is all the more important to protect your outdoor grass courts during the colder climes, leaving them ready for some tender loving care once spring breaks out.

In this blog, we look at some of the advantages attributable to tennis fencing:


Not only will the tight mesh fencing, which you can use to protect your grass courts during the winter, help to keep out any unwanted intruders who could spoil the surface of the playing area, it is also designed to be especially difficult for trespassers to cut, protecting you on two counts.

Combat vandalism

During the winter months, unwanted vandals who congregate near unused grass tennis courts have the potential to damage the site with graffiti, making it look unsightly and in need of a paint job. Mesh fencing makes this difficult by keeping unwanted troublemakers out and simultaneously not providing a solid surface for those who want to engage in graffiti.

Ball retention

Once the winter is over and your tennis court is in full swing, there are additional benefits that fencing for tennis courts can provide during matches. Namely, ball retention allows tennis balls to be kept inside the court, as the meshing is too close to allow any balls to escape. This can save you the time of retrieving balls before continuing play.

Built to last

Mesh fencing for outdoor tennis courts offers a rigid pattern designed not to decay or deform, making it more conducive to long-term use than a lot of chain link fencing alternatives.

EPDM inserts

Last but not least, EPDM inserts can be supplied with mesh fencing, which can provide noise reduction on ball impacts, meaning you can go some way towards minimising the disturbance of nearby residents.

As you can see, mesh fencing makes a great option for tennis court managers – no need for a tiebreak to decide this one! Contact Zaun now!