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3 Ways Mesh Tennis Fencing Can Benefit Your Clients and Your Business

3 Ways Mesh Tennis Fencing Can Benefit Your Clients and Your Business

26th March 2019

When you run a busy tennis club these days, you have to offer a multitude of different services. Some clients may want to take lessons with a tennis pro or coach, while others might want to enjoy a leisurely game on a weekend afternoon. You also have to cater for players of a wide range of ages, from children just learning about the basics of the sport to advanced tennis enthusiasts. With the high demand for tennis courts, it’s crucial to plan out your facility’s layout well to satisfy all of your customers and increase the number of people your location can accommodate. In particular, mesh tennis fencing is a critical design tool that can help you to offer a range of tennis services seamlessly.

It allows matches to proceed more quickly.

To increase your turnover and profits, you want to make sure that your tennis court facility can process as many players as possible each day. With mesh fencing, you can ensure that all of your courts are segmented and cordoned off from other players. Nothing holds up a tennis match more than players attempting to retrieve the ball from another court in the middle of a nail-biting volley. With mesh fencing, however, balls will never go astray but will always stay in the match area.

Not only will mesh fencing make your grounds more attractive to clients who want to play an undisturbed game of tennis, but it also means that their playing time won’t be drawn out by searching for lost balls. As a result, you can book in another group faster and improve your facility’s efficiency.

Improve the services that you offer

These days, tennis grounds often offer an array of services beyond just providing grass, clay, or hard courts for players to use. With mesh tennis fencing, you can book a one-to-one beginner’s tutorial or a summer holiday session without it disturbing your older or long-term customers. Without the appropriate fencing, you wouldn’t be able to let clients who are just learning to hit with a racket use the ball machine for fear of them infringing on other matches that are going on beside them.

As mesh fencing is durable and long-lasting, you can be sure that it will easily withstand daily use, even if you frequently offer group classes. Rather than worrying about ineffective temporary barriers, mesh fencing offers a permanent solution that is still easy to see through between the courts.

Easily keep an eye on younger players.

When you mention mesh fencing, people often think about keeping someone out of a certain location, but it’s also a fantastic way to improve security from within. For example, if your tennis facility offers summer programmes for youngsters or group instruction, you can relax in the knowledge that your mesh fencing stops any boisterous individuals from escaping and getting into dangerous situations. This will provide peace of mind to parents considering your facility and will increase the scale of services that you can offer.

The transparent nature of mesh fencing offers the best of both worlds, ensuring that you can benefit from maximum security while maintaining full visibility of your grounds. At Zaun, we offer a wide range of mesh tennis fencing to suit all sizes and types of tennis facilities. Contact us today for more information and find out how our products can improve your players’ game and business.