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3 mistakes to avoid when looking after outdoor tennis courts

3 mistakes to avoid when looking after outdoor tennis courts

01st October 2019

Outdoor tennis courts are a great place to spend time and enjoy getting fit in. However, if you are responsible for looking after any in your role at work or have some at home, keeping them in good condition is key. Looking after them well will mean they are always there, ready to play on when needed. When it comes to tennis court care, though, it is easy to make some classic mistakes. Here are a few of the most common to avoid.

1. Not looking after the surface

This is a real no-no if you have a tennis court at home, at a school you run or manage any for a public body. It is perhaps most pressing for courts that have a natural grass surface. If you let the grass grow too long, it will make any play on it frustrating and inhibit players ability to move properly. Even for courts with synthetic, clay or concrete surfaces, maintenance is still key. Any holes or damage to the surface could be dangerous to players when on the court and must be dealt with promptly.

2. Not keeping the markings in order

Another mistake to avoid when it comes to tennis courts is letting the markings fade. This makes a play on the courts almost impossible as no one can see the lines within which the ball must stay. Not only will players get annoyed, but this could also cause arguments as to when a ball was out or not. It is therefore much better to keep the markings clear and visible at all times.

3. Not having perimeter fencing

One mistake to avoid is failing to install robust security fencing to protect your court or courts. Having this sort of protection in place is essential for keeping out unwanted intruders. It will present a physical barrier to stop them from accessing your courts and causing any damage to them. It will also mean they do not litter the courts while there and leave you with a mess to clean up.

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