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Outdoor football pitches: Common mistakes to avoid when managing them

Outdoor football pitches: Common mistakes to avoid when managing them

13th August 2019

As the football season begins to loom on the horizon again, then everyone starts to get football fever once more. Many outdoor football pitches are actually busy all summer too as people take advantage of the good weather to play on them. Of course, looking after an outdoor football pitch so it is safe to use is key. This will not only make it more popular with people but also help avoid any accidents which you could be held liable for.

But what are the most common mistakes to avoid when looking after your outdoor football pitches?

Poor lighting

If your outdoor pitches are made available for people to use in the evenings, then you must ensure there is adequate lighting. This will help players to see what is happening properly and avoid any nasty collisions on the pitch. It will also give your outdoor football pitches a more secure and welcoming feel. This is just as important in the summer months once the light begins to fade.

Poor maintenance

Another big no-no if you manage outdoor football pitches is not keeping on top of their maintenance. Whether they are school pitches or public ones, you must keep them in good order. This will make them more enjoyable to play on and ensure the grass is not too long to inhibit the path of the ball. Good maintenance will also ensure pitch markings are kept updated so players can easily see when the ball goes out. It will also mean any rubbish or debris is moved off the pitches, so they are safe to play on.

Lack of perimeter fencing

Football fencing is a must-have for any outdoor pitches you manage. This is because they can easily be the target of intruders or vandals when not in use late at nights. To avoid anyone accessing them who shouldn’t, security fencing is the ideal solution. It will not only provide a visual deterrent but also a physical one.

Make Zaun security fencing a part of your team

If you do not have high-security fencing around your outdoor football pitches currently, get in touch with Zaun today. Our top-quality welded and woven mesh fencing is the perfect way to keep your pitches safe and free from any malicious damage.