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Football Pitch Fencing Mistakes to Avoid

Football Pitch Fencing Mistakes to Avoid

12th May 2021

Football is still arguably the most popular game on the planet and certainly within the UK. This not only makes it very popular to watch but also to play. Of course, football pitches are essential to playing the game and keeping them in good order is crucial. One effective way of doing this is by installing sports fencing for your football pitches. This helps keep vandals off them and stop them from damaging the pitch or leaving litter behind.

Fencing for pitches will only deliver the maximum benefits when installed correctly, though. But what mistakes should you avoid in this area?

Not installing specific sports fencing.

You may assume that standard fencing will work just fine in a sports setting. This is not always true, though, as games like football present their own challenges. One obvious example is the number of times the ball may hit the fencing around the pitch with force. If you have not installed proper sports fencing, which can withstand this, it could degrade more quickly. In light of this, do not mistake installing fencing, which is not manufactured specifically for sports use.

Not erecting it high enough.

While you do not want some monolithic structure that looks out of place, you need sports fencing, which is tall enough and fit for purpose. This will help keep balls in play and avoid regular breaks from balls going over the top of the fencing. It is also safer as it avoids players going outside of the secure fencing to retrieve balls increasing ball retention.

Lost balls can often be a nuisance for residents, so keeping the balls within the sports area, with tall ball stop fencing and/or netting, can help keep the peace.

All factors must be thought about before the project is installed. For example, it is much more difficult to retrofit roof netting or extend the fence’s heights without replacing the posts, mainly due to wind loading and straining. Therefore, it is important to ensure you look at all the potential causes for concern at the specification and planning stage.

Top-class football pitch fencing from Zaun

If you need great value and top-quality football pitch fencing, contact us today. We are experts in the field and have lots of experience in manufacturing and supplying robust sports fencing. Our team can offer advice on all aspects of football fencing, from how tall to make it to what extra features might be useful. Get in touch today for more details.