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Fencing for Rugby Pitches

Zaun’s rugby pitch fencing  and spectator rails are specifically designed for sports pitch fencing, ideal for rugby pitches and other sports pitches. The safety of the players is of paramount importance and all sports fencing is designed and finished to the highest standards with the latest regulations and sporting body recommendations taken into consideration.

Zaun’s range of  sports fencing includes a range of solutions dependant on budget and requirements. For rugby pitches that are used to play multiple games, we have a range of sport fencing that can suit play for a wide range of sports including football, basketball, hockey and netball.

Our range of additional options complement the fencing further and enhances the experience for players. All of our tennis court fencing has safety features including safety channels for low level fencing, full length clamp bars to cover sharp edges and slow closers on gates to prevent slamming. All out sports fencing also include EPDM inserts, which also reduce noise from impacts of balls being struck.

Rugby Pitch fences not only maintain safety within the pitch of players from external threats or encroachment but also acts as a security fence to ensure the play area is less likely to be damaged by unauthorised guests.

What Sports Fencing Is Most Suitable For Rugby Pitches?

Zaun’s in-house design and manufacturing capabilities have ensured that we can provide our customers with sports fencing that suit budget and the sport that is being played. From cost-effective solutions such as Duo Sports Lite, with wider panels, fewer fixings and fewer posts to Super rebound, suitable for a variety of sports.

Whatever the problem – Zaun will have the solution. Feel free to contact us and ask for our advice, we are always happy to help.

What Are The Advantages of Using Fencing Around A Rugby Pitch?

Zaun Rugby Pitch Fencing is designed to assists schools, councils and leisure centres in making the most of limited space and budgets.

Flexibility to play multiple sports in one area saving on space and installation costs

Strong and rigid fencing panels, reduce maintenance costs

Easy to maintain, and replace damaged fencing panels

Improved gameplay for the participants

Increased visibility & security

How Can I Further Enhance My Rugby Pitch?

In addition to the number of fencing options that are available, Zaun also manufactures some additional extras to further enhance the rugby pitch experience. Improving usability, gameplay experience, safety and aesthetics.