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How good fencing helps to protect rugby club pitches

How good fencing helps to protect rugby club pitches

20th March 2018

If you are running a rugby club, then protecting your playing surface should be a priority. Those of us who play the game at a community level are well aware of many issues that can affect the pitch.

Guard against anti-social attacks

Anti-social behaviour and vandalism is a scourge of many community amenities these days. It is not unheard of for vandals to target sports pitches by leaving rubbish such as beer cans and bottles on the surface or by starting fires. Fly-tipping of larger items can be an issue for some venues too. Fencing off the playing area is sometimes the only answer to issues like this.

Dog fouling is another factor in you deciding to install quality fencing at your venue. Many rugby pitches are located in, or close to, public parkland. This can cause some dog owners, who will let their animals foul on the pitch and not remove it. This can lead to health issues for players. It is also an issue that wastes time, as players and match officials are forced to spend time ahead of games checking the playing surface for fouling.

Protect your club’s players

Items such as broken glass or discarded tools have also been known to be dropped on playing pitches. Again, installing properly secure fencing helps to minimise the risk of this happening. Sadly, restricting access to green space is the only option available to curtailing anti-social activity.

Sadly, some individuals also think that driving vehicles on sports pitches is an enjoyable activity. In recent years, teenagers riding off-road bikes have become something of an issue in many communities. Again, high-quality fencing is often the only protection against the kind of damage that vehicles of this type can wreak on your precious pitches.

Come and speak to us here at Zaun.

If you want to discuss the options for fencing when it comes to protecting your rugby club’s pitches from vandalism, anti-social behaviour and vehicles, then get in touch with us here at Zaun. We are experts in the provision and installation of the finest woven and welded mesh fencing available. So we are sure we can find a solution for you and your club.