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Creating space: using fencing at fairs and theme parks to create designated areas and locations

Creating space: using fencing at fairs and theme parks to create designated areas and locations

07th March 2019

From temporary carnivals to long-term static theme parks, the act of using fencing and barriers to create individual spaces and locations has long been a way to create order. For creating queues, fencing off walkways or even designating individual areas within a fairground or park, high-quality fencing can make all the difference to the flow and feel of your destination.

Here are just a few ways you can use perimeter fencing and security fencing in and around your attraction to keep guests safe and get visitors where you want them to go:

Design the flow of your park

For any theme park or large attraction, the flow of your park can mean the difference between success and chaos. By utilising simple, effective fencing and walling-off of areas, encouraging the flow of foot traffic in one direction is far more accessible. Not only will this make navigation more straightforward, but it will also provide extra space for the advertisement of rides, signposting of locations and more. Creating spaces from nothing has never been quicker or more effective.

Create a stylish, professional finish

If you’re striving to create a location that’s as ordered as it is enjoyable, then fencing can provide the tool you need to maintain order and create a more efficient environment within your attraction or park. This could include blocking access to work-in-progress areas, offering fast and safe private ways for employees to get from one space to the next or simply making queues and lines appear more orderly. Any way you can keep your services running like clockwork is key to success for a professional attraction.

Improve safety for your visitors and employees

Want to keep your visitors safe? Security fencing can ensure they’re kept away from any dangerous equipment or employees-only areas and can be the perfect way to ensure your health and safety standards are met when it comes to operating rides and offering food and drink options. From designating safe parking spaces to providing a barrier between guests and the behind-the-scenes operation of your attraction, fencing might be what you need to ensure your safety is on point.

Are you considering security or safety fencing for your theme park, attraction or fair? Contact Zaun today to find out more about how our fencing solutions are precisely what you need.