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Protect your tennis courts with security fencing

Protect your tennis courts with security fencing

18th July 2019

As the summer arrives once more, Wimbledon begins, and the UK is gripped by tennis fever. This could well see an uptake in visitors to any facilities you operate which have outdoor tennis courts. Inspired by the warm weather and the exploits of top players like Serena Williams and Roger Federer, more people than ever could visit your outdoor tennis courts for a game.

This naturally means it is key to find ways to secure them for people to use and protect them. Top-quality security fencing is one of the best ways. But what exactly does it deliver in terms of security for your courts?

Keeps intruders out

One massive danger for any outdoor courts is vandals gaining access to them when not in use. This is most commonly seen during the evening when they are deserted. If intruders do gain access, they could not only damage the courts but also leave litter behind. This then means you have to spend time and money on rectifying this. Security fencing provides an effective barrier to prevent this from happening.

Stops unwelcome guests bothering players

As with all security for outdoor spaces, it is not just about keeping people out. Ensuring the safety of those who are allowed in is just as vital. After all, people will not want to use your courts if they do not feel safe when playing there. Again, security fencing does a great job here as it puts a physical barrier in place to keep those who should not be there from bothering that inside.

Prevents extreme weather damage

Modern security fencing is very tough and durable. This makes it perfect for stopping debris blowing onto your courts to damage them. Many places in the UK can experience high winds or strong storms at times. This can see debris blown around by the winds, thus posing a risk to your outdoor courts. Security fencing helps prevent this by stopping the debris from being blown onto them in the first place.

Choose Zaun for outdoor tennis court fencing.

If you need tough perimeter fencing for your tennis courts, then call Zaun today. Our range of woven and welded mesh fencing is ideal for this purpose. Durable and weather-resistant, it will help keep your facilities in the best condition. Call today for more details.