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How to choose the right security fencing for your outdoor tennis courts

How to choose the right security fencing for your outdoor tennis courts

12th November 2019

Choosing the right security fencing for your outdoor tennis courts is a crucial consideration during the design stage of your construction project.

Here are some tips to help you decide what kind of security fencing would be the best option for you.

Basic considerations

Height of fencing

It’s important that the fencing you choose is high enough to prevent stray balls from being lost or from flying over the fence at speed, potentially causing injury to passers-by outside the court.

There may be by-laws surrounding this specific to your area, and your construction contractor will be able to advise you further on this.


It’s more convenient for courts users if there are access doors at either end of the fencing. That also makes it easier for you when carrying out maintenance tasks.

Perimeter space

An important consideration when placing your fencing is that you factor insufficient space between the court itself and the fence to allow ease of movement around the court perimeter and for the accommodation of chairs, etc.

What kind of fencing is best?

Fencing for tennis courts needs to be strong and yet flexible. For aesthetic reasons, it’s also important that the fencing blends into the background. The most popular style of fencing for tennis courts is rigid weld mesh.

Fencing made of rigid weld mesh is solid whilst also being visually unobtrusive. You can choose from different colours, and the finish may be galvanised or powder-coated.

Rigid weldmesh fencing is also available with a lower panel of double wire, making it particularly beneficial at preventing animals from getting onto your court, where they could potentially cause damage to the playing surface.

Rigid weld mesh is typically a little more expensive than other options, and balls are more inclined to bounce off it back into play. However, high-quality rigid weld mesh is durable and is not prone to stretching and losing its tension and shape.

In conclusion

To get the most enjoyment from your new tennis courts, the right choice of fencing is important. For more advice on the right fencing to choose from, contact Zaun’s helpful team of experts today.