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Why is mesh security fencing perfect for your outdoor netball courts?

Why is mesh security fencing perfect for your outdoor netball courts?

18th December 2018

If you are in charge of managing outdoor netball courts for an organisation or have some on your own land, security is key. One trendy choice is welded mesh security fencing. This type of perimeter fencing is not only great value and robust, but it is also able to stand up to being outside in all weathers. As well as this, there are some other great advantages to using this type of security fencing around your netball courts.

Reduces risks to players

Of course, we all know of the obvious protection from unwanted intruders that security fencing gives to those inside it, but this is not the only sort of security it can offer. For example, if your outdoor netball court is located next to a busy road or a steep hill, chasing after a loose ball could be very dangerous for players. Welded mesh security fencing helps to keep stray balls inside the court and avoid this problem.

It looks great

As well as security, it would help if you also had a perimeter fencing solution that looks smart. Again, welded mesh fencing hits the mark here. Not only does the mesh design look good, but it will also stay looking good for many years due to its tough design. This will make it more enjoyable to play on while being more attractive to any spectators also.

Mesh fencing is tall.

Some other fencing types can stop at around 6 feet tall – when you are playing a game like netball; this may not be tall enough. Welded mesh fencing, on the other hand, can be erected to any height you like. This means that any balls that go high up in the air by mistake will not be lost. This will save players the time and hassle of having to retrieve them.

Let Zaun help install your security fencing.

Here at Zaun, we are experts in the installation of top-quality welded mesh fencing. So give us a call today for more details on how we can help protect and enhance your outdoor netball courts. We are confident that you will love our excellent customer service and perimeter fencing solutions.