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Why choose welded mesh over chain link for security fencing

Why choose welded mesh over chain link for security fencing

30th December 2017

In the world of security fencing, people have previously been prone to using chain links as the product of choice for securing their perimeter. This is no longer the best option, though, when you could install welded mesh security fencing instead. Welded mesh fencing has distinct advantages to recommend over chain links and will provide much better value in many ways.

Harder to breach

If a would-be intruder wants to breach your chain link fence, it’s pretty easy for him to do so with a set of standard bolt cutters. However, as bolt cutters are quite common to buy, this is not a situation you want to be facing in terms of your security.

Welded mesh, however, provides a much more robust defence to your premises and is much, much harder to cut through. A specialised tool would be needed for a start, and even if the potential intruder had this, the effort it would take him makes it improbable he would bother trying.

A more effective visual deterrent

Welded mesh fencing gives a more imposing look than chain link, which instantly will put criminals off from breaking in. The visual aspect of your perimeter fencing is crucial, so by using a welded mesh that has a more imposing look, you are stopping any threat at the source before it starts. It will also put doubt in the would-be intruder’s mind as to what other serious security measures you may have on the other side of the fence too.

More cost-effective in the long-term

One real bonus of welded mesh is tough; galvanised steel mesh is made from. This means that once installed; it requires much less spend on maintenance than chain link security fencing. In addition, if a portion of welded mesh fencing does need replacing, you can take the individual element out. This is not the case with chain link fencing – you would have to usually remove a large portion of the whole fence, which makes the job more expensive.

If you would like more information on how welded mesh perimeter fencing can keep your business or organisation safe, call Zaun today! Our experienced and professional team will advise on the best security fencing arrangements for your needs.