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Welded vs woven mesh fencing

Welded vs woven mesh fencing

04th February 2020

Mesh has become the go-to security fencing option for many. Contrary to popular belief, thick fencing is not always the better option. You do not have to spend thousands of pounds building castle walls. Mesh fencing is solid and is easy to maintain. It also offers reduced resistance to wind and has great visibility. Two of the most popular designs of mesh fencing are woven wire and welded wire. Here is what you should know about them.


Welded mesh fencing has either rectangular or square spaces created by laying wires in a vertical and horizontal latticework. The wire intersections are then spot-welded, creating a sheet. Welded wire fencing is pretty simple to design compared to woven wire. Woven mesh fencing is made using a machine that loosely twists the wire into gentle spirals that overlap at the ends. Woven wire fencing has a distinct zigzag diamond shape.

Pros and cons

Due to the structure of welded mesh, thicker metal wires are used to make it. It is rigid, durable and has unmovable stability. Wires do not unravel from one another when a welded mesh wire is cut, making it easier to maintain. Other security measures such as CCTV cameras and security lighting are easily used alongside welded mesh fencing. The only disadvantage of this design is that when a lot of pressure is introduced, the permanent deformity will most likely occur, and the fence will need to be replaced.

Woven mesh fencing can bend, pull and twist without breaking because of its loose structure, and it is, therefore, able to perform incredibly well under pressure. In some cases, the vertical wires are made using one continuous strand for more support and strength. This design also allows you to be more creative with patterns for a more aesthetically pleasing finish.

Both of these designs perform exceptionally well, and you have to understand what will best work for your needs. For example, the welded mesh is suitable for construction projects and high-security fencing. Woven mesh, on the other hand, is great for fencing grazing fields.

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