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Do you need a new perimeter fencing solution?

Do you need a new perimeter fencing solution?

23rd August 2016

Is your business or site currently protected by old security fencing? If so, you may be considering replacing it with a more modern fencing solution. But how can you tell for certain if your current security fence is no longer fit for purpose and needs to be replaced? Here at Zaun, we know everything there is to know about perimeter fencing, including the signs that it needs to be replaced. So we’ve come up with some key indicators that your fence needs to be retired so you can install a newer, more reliable one.

1. Visible signs of rust or decay

Modern security fences are designed to resist the elements and should last for years (if not decades) without showing visible signs of damage. However, this may not be the case with older fences. If your security fence is visibly rusted or decayed in places, it’s probably no longer sufficiently secure. We recommend replacing your fence if it has extensive rusting or if large areas have clearly been damaged.

2. Frequent repairs

Do you often have to repair your security fence due to wear and tear? If so, it definitely needs replacing. After all, if the fencing is damaged by ordinary, day-to-day use, it won’t be able to repel a determined intruder. So don’t wait to find out how well your old security fencing deals with trespassers: if it needs constant repairs due to wear and tear, scrap it and invest in something more sturdy.

3. Poor integration with modern security systems

CCTV, alarm systems and other monitoring systems are all important parts of modern security. But does your current fencing work well with them? For example, can your existing fencing support alarm systems? Does it give your CCTV cameras clear lines of sight or obstruct them? If your old fencing doesn’t work well with modern security technology, it may be time to replace it with something more up-to-date.

If you decide to replace your current fencing with a more cutting-edge solution, check out our products pages. We have resilient, secure fencing options and integrated security systems for every type of business, home, site and premises.