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How security fencing saves lives every day

How security fencing saves lives every day

31st March 2016

In previous blog entries, we’ve discussed how vital security fencing is in the fight against criminality and terrorism. We have even detailed how it is indispensable for national security. However, security fencing also helps keep people safe in quieter, more mundane ways. Every day, lives are saved by high-quality security fencing in undramatic ways. So without further ado, here are three everyday places where security fencing is essential for saving lives.

1. Schools

Even in the most well-organised of schools, it’s hard for teachers and other staff to keep an eye on all the children in their care all the time. This is a problem because children are adventurous and curious by nature. Consequently, they can wander off if they are left unattended. However, fencing can help prevent young children from venturing away from school grounds and into danger by providing them with clear, physical boundaries. Here at Zaun, we are proud to provide schools with discreet but effective fencing solutions essential for keeping young pupils safe.

2. Zoos

The fencing at zoos has to be second-to-none to protect visitors from the animals. But, of course, sometimes it’s also necessary to protect the animals from overly enthusiastic visitors. You may not think of security fencing in conjunction with zoos. Still, here at Zaun, we sell sturdy, protective zoo fencing for keeping animals in alongside fencing solutions designed to keep humans out.

3. Sporting events

There’s no denying that people are passionate about sport. As such, some sporting events can get a little heated and raucous. Security fencing makes it possible to contain these events if they get out of hand, thereby protecting sports fans from harm and saving lives.

Here at Zaun, we understand that fencing solutions can protect people from a huge variety of day-to-day threats. It is easy to think of security fencing as counter-terrorism or anti-criminality measure. While it is both of these things, it is also a tool for keeping people safe in more run-of-the-mill ways. So whatever you need security fencing for, rest assured that we have a solution that will suit your needs perfectly.