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Zaun helps school children get active

Zaun helps school children get active

04th March 2010

Fencing solutions specialist Zaun has helped Paget High School in Staffordshire tackle the school run head-on and encourage more of its pupils to ride to school.

The company used its manufacturing expertise to design a brand new range of robust bike lockers for the site that provides secure storage for individual bikes.


Alastair Henman, MD at Zaun, commented: “Cycling to school is a great option for children, their parents, and the environment. For pupils, it helps them be more active and healthy, whilst parents benefit from not having to deal with the stress of tackling the heavy traffic on the school run.”

Paget High School approached Zaun as part of a wider initiative to make their pupils more environmentally conscious. Pupils weren’t going to school on their bikes as there was nowhere to store them securely, which consequently had a knock-on effect with car drop-offs.


To combat this, the school’s facilities manager Patrick Connolly had the idea to install bike lockers, allocate a locker per child, and charge them a fee per term, which would be refunded at the end of the year. The response from pupils was excellent.

Patrick Connolly said: “The two most important factors were security, to ensure pupils had the confidence that their bikes would be safe, and the price it would cost the school to install them. Research indicated that bike lockers were extremely expensive, so I was delighted when we approached Zaun that it could design and develop a bike locker that exceeded our requirements at an extremely cost-effective price. The company worked with us every step of the way, from manufacturing right through to delivery and installation.

“The impact of the initiative has been fantastic, which due to its success, has meant more lockers have had to be installed to cope with demand from pupils. The result means the majority of pupils are now riding to school. To complement this, it has greatly reduced congestion on the main road outside the school gates. Overall, a win-win situation all around!”

Suitable for various applications, including schools, universities, train stations and offices, Zaun’s bike lockers feature a simple yet strong locking system to ensure the security of the bike, with either 200 x 50mm or 200 x 25mm mesh specified as the locker body. The individual bike lockers mean the cycle can not be tampered with and eliminates the need to remove the saddle or rear wheel.

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