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Why school security is as important as ever

Why school security is as important as ever

20th June 2019

School security is vital for the safety of staff and students on any site. There are many different aspects to consider in order to keep your educational setting secure from those entering your premises. Yet you can’t be overzealous. Schools still have to seem welcoming to pupils, staff and authorised guests.

However, in recent years there has been a rise in the risks to schools that has put school security at the heart of policy. Terror threats, theft, and adults accessing grounds without authorisation are just some of the worries that school leaders need to deal with.

Another common problem is that children are able to escape from school too easily. Children as young as four and five have been known to climb school fences and escape through gates.

Leaders are worried

A survey released in January 2019 found that parents and staff are unsatisfied with current security measures at schools. Leaders are also concerned that they don’t know enough about school security to make satisfactory policies and decisions to secure school grounds.

Yet, there are simple ways to help secure school premises from the various threats that are present.

Mesh fencing

One of the simplest ways to help protect your school setting is to install mesh fencing around your school. Mesh fencing is strong, flexible, cost-effective and doesn’t look too imposing. Mesh solutions are perfect for schools and act as the first barrier to deter potential criminals.

However, some of the most secure schools actually have two layers of fencing. One to protect the school perimeter and then another inside to segregate classrooms and playing areas from other areas of the school like the route to reception.

Another benefit of school mesh fencing is that children find it challenging to climb due to the design and there are no gaps for children to squeeze through. Therefore, a good mesh fence can be the perfect way to keep children inside the school grounds.

Adding to mesh fencing

Once you’ve installed a perimeter of mesh fencing to your school’s premises, you can start building other security aspects into your school. This can include CCTV, secure doors and other measures. However, these should supplement a secure perimeter rather than replace them.

With these tips in place, you should start to feel that your school is more secure and children can learn and play safely at your school.