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Why do we need school security?

Why do we need school security?

31st March 2020

When your children feel safe at school, they are encouraged to learn. But there are other advantages too, so let’s take a closer look at why good school security is paramount.

What happens when a child feels unsafe at school

When children feel threatened at school, it manifests itself in several ways. First, they become nervous, which can result in them fidgeting. This, in turn, leads to a lack of concentration which inhibits effective learning. Insecurity is also a leading cause of truancy.

How robust school fencing encourages social development in children

It is vital for children to feel that they can wander the school grounds freely without getting in harm’s way. This is where having good, robust school fencing comes into play. It encourages young ones to explore their surroundings which is, in itself, an essential part of learning. It also provides the right circumstances to develop social relationships with other children.

Parents’ fears

A child’s safety also has a huge impact on parents. Probably the worst fear of all hiding in the back of parents’ minds is that of their child being abducted. Thankfully, it doesn’t happen very often, and effective school fencing has a significant role to play in this.

Imagine the potential danger if someone meant to do children harm was free to wander into the playground. The possible consequences are unthinkable, which is why school security has to be as tight as possible.

The detrimental effect on a child’s wellbeing

A lot of research has been conducted into the school environment, and it clearly shows that if a child feels unsafe when attending school, their academic performance suffers. It also indicates that such children are more likely to get involved with drugs.

The importance of keeping bad people at bay

The world in which we live is becoming a more dangerous place by the day. Political and religious unrest spawns acts of violence and terrorism, which is something all parents dread.

School security must be heightened, and school staff must be ever vigilant to this potential danger. Installing substantial strength school fencing helps to deter possible incursions.

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