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Fences work both ways – why schools need high quality fencing

Fences work both ways – why schools need high quality fencing

05th March 2019

Schools are being encouraged to use electronic devices more than ever, with curricula focusing on IT skills and technology. This is making them extremely desirable targets for thieves who like the idea of an easy job. Schools also work to published terms, meaning burglaries can be planned to coincide with periods of time when not only will the criminals be able to work in peace, but the crime may be undetected for several hours – or potentially even days.

Casual criminals can also cause damage.

School fencing is a deterrent to groups of kids and teens who may try to use the school grounds as a meeting point. If they gained access into the school grounds, not only could they cause damage to playground equipment or the school’s exterior, they are also at risk of hurting themselves. In addition, fencing that is easy to climb or has holes in it will make the privacy of a deserted school even more attractive.

Preventing loss

How likely a break-in is to occur will depend on many factors, such as whether the school has been targeted before and how visible the school premises are to passersby. Schools also need to consider the balance between investment in security and the value of goods that may need to be replaced.

Zaun can provide a range of perimeter fencing options, including mesh fencing and bespoke designs incorporating school names or logos.

Safety at school

Schools must be securely fenced during the school day to ensure that only authorised visitors have access to the premises. This will stop any potential intruders trying to reach children, ensuring the safety of pupils.

Schools may also want to install fencing within the school grounds. Sports cages can allow ball sports to be played without interference from other playground games. It may also be desirable to provide an area for the youngest to play in, separated from the main playground.

To see how your school safety can be improved, talk to Zaun today.