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School Perimeter Fencing

Perimeter Fencing for Schools

Zaun has a wide variety of perimeter fencing solutions ideal for schools of all ages and requirements, from boundary demarcation and security fencing for safeguarding to playground fencing.

Zaun’s mesh fencing and railing systems have kept children safe and protected school assets in many schools around the UK and Europe. Zaun’s in-house design and manufacturing capabilities ensure that we can manufacture bespoke architectural or security solutions to suit most applications.

From nurseries, KS1 and KS2 all the way through to secondary schools, colleges and universities, Zaun has solutions to suit all.

Fencing Systems for Schools

For the schools and education industry, safeguarding children has become of paramount importance. Zaun has recognised this with a range of railings developed specifically for playground use. With finger trap guards and slow closing gates. A range of Secured By Design Approved, LPS1175 SR1 rated perimeter mesh fencing designed to safeguard children from potential intruders. Zaun’s range of perimeter fences for schools ranges from ornate fences and gates to security mesh perimeter fencing.

All of Zaun’s school fencing can be provided with access control and other detection systems. Zaun has experience and expertise in regularly providing schools, nurseries, child care centres, colleges and universities with high-quality security fencing.


Zaun provides a range of primary school perimeter fencing systems that have been independently tested and approved by leading industry bodies BRE for LPS1175 and the Police Preferred Specification scheme Secured By Design.

Typically, an SR1 (A1) type fencing system would be most suitable for a school, keeping the school safe and secure whilst still visually appealing without making the fencing look too imposing. But perimeter security fencing should be specified by the threat to the site and delay required.

Fencing Systems for Safeguarding

A school must be as safe and secure as possible with effective access control measures to ensure the movement of people and vehicles is effectively managed and restricted, ensuring the risks to the school are minimised.

Unfortunately, a school can attract a range of unwanted guests, from vandals and thieves to other potential intruders. If access to the site is not adequately managed, people and valuables are at risk. Gates need to be properly locked and monitored with access control measures or an adequate locking system. Access points require a clear and direct path to the main reception for visitors, with the number of access points kept to a minimum so that visitor movement can be controlled.

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