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Youth Football Benefits from New Sports Fencing

Youth Football Benefits from New Sports Fencing

02nd February 2021

BBC sports presenter, Mike Bushell, opened Testbourne Community School’s innovative 3G artificial grass football pitch, complete with floodlighting and changing facilities. The new pitch is located in Whitchurch, Hampshire, and was made possible thanks to the generosity of the UK Government’s Football Foundation, the FA and the Premier League, who donated over £474,800 to the school.

Work began on the new pitch and the completed project is now available for use from local recreation and community sports groups and Testbourne Community School’s PE department during school hours, giving them much-needed access to first-class facilities.

After discovering that Testbourne School did not have a pitch within 10 miles that could be used in all weather conditions, they decided to build a pitch that local youth football clubs could use as a training facility to give them equal match play opportunities.

The new pitch was built to serve two clubs, Overton Youth FC and Whitchurch FC, to help them meet their shared goal of establishing up to 20 new youth football teams between them within the next five years. Increasing provisions for local football teams in the area has been a priority for Hampshire FA, and the new pitch is expected to boost sporting participation in young people significantly.

The new 3G pitch is made with free draining artificial grass, which means that it can be used year-round regardless of changes in weather conditions. Cancelled matches due to waterlogging are now a thing of the past, meaning players won’t be left disappointed. The new pitch also requires very little water to maintain it, making it a practical and environmentally friendly option. Foam underlays are designed to reduce the risk of injury to players and the low-maintenance, synthetic surface looks and feels like natural grass.

In order to keep the pitch as safe and secure as possible, high-quality new sports fencing was installed by the sports fencing contractors, Plant Fencing. There were three types of fencing installed around the pitch, all of which were manufactured by Zaun. They included our innovative Super Rebound fencing system, our Duo Sports double wire fencing system and our Spectator Rails, to create a solid structure fit for purpose.

Our Super Rebound fencing system is designed especially for high-impact sports pitches that are used frequently. Its robust, high-density double wire system is built for longevity. Our Duo Sports double wire fencing system is suitable for both light and heavy use sports pitches. This fencing system is not only strong and vandal-resistant but is also a cost-effective and long-lasting fencing option. Our Spectator Rails are designed specifically to protect the safety of both spectators and players and serve as a sturdy barrier between the crowd and the sporting area. These lightweight yet robust rails are suitable for pitches of all sizes.

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