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Why installing spectator rails benefits outdoor football pitches

Why installing spectator rails benefits outdoor football pitches

21st September 2021

With increased scrutiny on the safety and wellbeing of players and fans, spectator rails are a common feature of outdoor football pitches. Yes, they may be a legal requirement for many non-league and academy associations. Still, it’s the practical, aesthetic and safety benefits that make them a popular sight across the UK playing fields.

Protecting players and spectators alike

The obvious benefit of installing spectator railings around your football pitch is the additional safety element they provide.

Whatever level of football is being played, players and fans must be safely separated. Robust rails and purpose crafted sports fencing provides that separation. It means spectators can watch and enjoy the game in comfort and from a safe distance while allowing the match to unfold without fear of fans inadvertently appearing on the field of play.

By adding mesh infills to the rails, you can enhance the sense of security around the pitch, with the further benefit of fewer dashes across the park to retrieve the ball.

Improving pitch quality

From an aesthetic point of view, the addition of a quality constructed, beautifully finished, and durable railing can elevate the football pitch above and beyond your ‘standard’ park pitch. It can create more of an event-type feel for those watching the game while enhancing the players’ environment and overall match experience.

On a practical level, they also help with pitch maintenance and protection. With secure fencing in place, there’s less likelihood of unsanctioned use or access from people and pets, helping to maintain a higher standard of playing field.

Zaun quality spectator rails and sports fencing

To maximise the benefits from your spectator rails around your outdoor football pitches or any other sports field, then you need to invest in a quality solution.

At Zaun, we’re specialists in providing rails, and sports fencing specifically crafted to meet the demands and legal requirements, providing your club with a safe, attractive and long-lasting solution. Thus, helping maintain a safe playing environment and healthy pitch for years to come.

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