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3 ways railings can provide a safe and secure play area

3 ways railings can provide a safe and secure play area

14th October 2020

Sturdy and reliable playground fencing will not only look good but provide children with a safe and secure playground that will considerably reduce the risks of them coming to harm. This article will look at how security gates and fencing can provide a safer play area.

Safe and secure play area with gated access

The access to a playground should be wide enough to allow pushchairs and wheelchairs without any difficulty, with the minimum aperture being at least one metre. Gates should open outwards unless that would likely cause a hazard to others such as cyclists and pedestrians, and gates should close automatically to increase security. However, the gate should not close faster than five seconds to prevent the gate from striking a child or wheelchair user.

Use durable materials

It is often the case that older children will use the playground at night, and in the worst-case scenario, this could lead to anti-social behaviour, graffiti and vandalism. Installing fencing and gates made from durable materials and galvanising and powder coating can help prevent or deter destroyed playground equipment.

Keep dogs and other animals out.

As mentioned above, security gates should open outwards and be self-closing where feasible. This is because an outward opening gate is ideal for preventing dogs and other animals such as foxes. Unfortunately, these animals will often leave a mess which will quickly become a health hazard for any child using the playground. If installing an outwards opening gate is not an option, you can deter animals from entering the playground by installing a dog grid. The dog grid fits on the ground, and due to its design, it will deter dogs from walking across it by spreading the dog’s paw pads, making it an uncomfortable but harmless deterrent.

Safe and secure play area

The safety of children is of paramount importance, and having the most secure and durable security fencing and gates is the best way to maintain a functional and safe environment for children to play in.