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How to keep your outdoor rugby pitches safe to play on

How to keep your outdoor rugby pitches safe to play on

13th November 2020

Rugby is one of the most popular sports around the UK. From schools to colleges, universities and sports clubs, many people in the UK enjoy the hustle and bustle of the game. Outside rugby pitches are crucial as an outdoor sport, so players have somewhere safe to enjoy the game. But how can you keep your outdoor pitches safe for people to play on?

Install high-quality sports fencing

One of the most effective methods is installing sports fencing for outdoor rugby pitches. This will help to provide a physical barrier to stop intruders from getting onto the pitch. As a result, people playing on the pitch during the day will be kept safe, and the pitch itself will be kept secure from vandals in the evening. In addition, keeping vandals off your pitch will mean no damage is done to it, or no litter (such as glass bottles) are left behind for players to injure themselves.

Keep the surface well looked after

Another way to keep any outdoor rugby pitch safe to play on is by keeping the grass in good condition. This is not always easy if it gets lots of use and the UK weather remains as unpredictable as ever! It really is worth keeping the playing surface in good nick, though, to reduce the risk of injuries. Keeping the grass well-mown to replacing divots that people could catch their foot in will help lots.

Check the ground before play over colder months.

With rugby being an autumn/winter game, you should always inspect the pitch before play can commence. This is especially vital in the depths of winter when freezing temperatures could leave the pitch very hard and too dangerous to play on. It may not always be obvious, though, so inspecting the pitch before kick-off is wise. If you have the budget, under pitch heating is a great way to keep your pitch safe to play on in winter too.

Effective sports fencing from Zaun

If you need superbly crafted sports fencing for your outdoor rugby pitches, get in touch with Zaun today. We manufacture and supply this kind of fencing to clubs, schools and councils who need it. Would you please browse our website or get in touch for more details?