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Zaun fencing specified at Cannock Hockey Club

Zaun fencing specified at Cannock Hockey Club

10th January 2010

Zaun has been specified to provide an innovative new fencing system for the development of a second Olympic standard pitch at Cannock Hockey Club, one of the most successful hockey clubs in the UK.

The fencing solutions specialist was selected as part of the multi-million pound project after manufacturing a brand new and completely unique solution that is specifically designed for hockey pitches.

Steve Roberts, Head of Marketing at Zaun, explains: “The majority of hockey clubs nationwide use wooden boards to protect the pitch fencing at ground level from the cannon-like impact the ball makes. However, these boards get broken down quickly and have to be replaced regularly, which is extremely expensive.

At Zaun, we have addressed this issue head-on by manufacturing a new hockey fencing system that does away with the need for wooden boards altogether. Not only does this save money on the initial costs of purchasing and installing the boards, but it also reduces the high costs associated with ongoing maintenance and replacement for the end-user.

It was this innovative approach, coupled with our ability to manufacture the panels at our factory in Wolverhampton and first class service commitment that was a major factor in the tender process for Cannock Hockey Club.”

Zaun’s new ‘Hockey Pitch’ fencing system uses a high density of horizontal wires in a close mesh pattern to ensure the fence can withstand the impact of a hockey ball hit at speeds in excess of 80mph.

Other features include a significant reduction in noise, which is a key consideration when seeking planning permission for a hockey pitch. This is because the noise which is traditionally generated by the impact of a hockey ball against a wooden board is eliminated. To complement this, vibrations and rattle are virtually eradicated as each panel is insulated with rubber EPDM inserts.

Ken Bedford, President of Cannock Hockey Club’s Ground Committee, commented: “I would like to thank all at Zaun Fencing for the efforts put into the supply and erection of the hockey fence surrounding our new pitch. When commencing this project, I was looking for a fencing system which would be more durable than the traditional type, particularly at each end behind the goals. The Zaun system provided this and more.”

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