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The business benefits of an RDS fencing systems

The business benefits of an RDS fencing systems

13th July 2021

When you need to put protection in place fast without compromising security, Rapid Deploy System (RDS) fencing is ideal. The RDS temporary security fencing range can be fitted and installed without digging or pinning.

What are the numerous advantages organisations can enjoy when they choose this innovative solution?

A multi-purpose system

RDS fencing is an ideal temporary security measure suited to a diverse range of applications. Whether you need to erect a barrier to keep back crowds at a sporting event or rally or shield areas from unwanted visitors or trespassers to a construction site, RDS offers strong support.

Enhanced agility

RDS fences offer organisations flexibility. We have designed these fences for straightforward, rapid deployment when necessary allowing onsite security to react fast and establish new defences swiftly and smoothly while causing minimal disruption.

Comprehensive onsite security

The RDS range has been independently tested against mob attacks and repels crowd strikes. An optional PAS 68 enhancement is also available to provide hostile vehicle mitigation to the fencing, gates and access portals.


This PAS 68 rated fencing’s impressive protection levels can allow business users to cut costs. In addition, it dramatically reduces the need for additional security teams and policing, often required by conventional temporary barriers.

Convenient to customise

Fully customisable, RDS works well with a wide range of security enhancements like fence toppings, perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDs) and Closed-circuit Television (CCTV) cameras. Matching security gates can also be added in the same style as the RDS, offering the same formidable protection levels. While HisSec 358 is used as standard, purchasers can select the mesh used in RDS fencing to suit their needs.

Specialists in high-security fencing

Developing and manufacturing government-approved security solutions at Zaun, we can advise on all your onsite needs. Contact our specialist team to discuss the fastest way to establish robust measures at your event or enterprise premises now.