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What are the advantages of using RDS fencing?

What are the advantages of using RDS fencing?

09th November 2021

Not every company has time to dig in and install security fencing onsite. However, when your firm needs protective measures in place quickly and easily that don’t compromise security, Rapid Deploy System fencing, or RDS fencing for short, is a practical solution.

In the next sections, we’ll look at some of the real-world benefits businesses can gain when they opt to fit this simple but secure fencing on their premises.

A single solution to many problems

RDS fencing provides the perfect temporary security option for a wide range of situations. If your firm wants to keep particular areas protected from unauthorised access or is looking to make potentially dangerous places off-limits while work is conducted, RDS is ideal. It is also exceptional for controlling crowds and can function as a robust and dependable barrier at public events.

Economic issues

Enterprises operating within a strict security budget will find that PAS 68-rated RDS fencing can be advantageous. Due to its outstanding levels of protection, RDS can cut down the costs incurred from additional security personnel and patrols that are commonly associated with temporary fencing.

Deploy and redeploy as necessary

Firms will find that RDS solutions offer excellent flexibility. They have been designed to allow security teams to react swiftly and move their defences to key areas where stronger measures are urgently required with little effort and disruption.

Customisable and dependable

High-quality RDS fencing can be counted on in extreme circumstances. Independently tested to rigid standards, they are capable of holding their own against crowd swarming. They can also be installed with access portals designed for both people and cars when necessary.

RDS is also easy to integrate with additional security measures such as CCTV, perimeter intrusion detection systems and an extensive range of fence toppings. Although HisSec 358 mesh features in the standard-issue product, those buying RDS can approve the appropriate type of mesh that best fits their requirements.

Innovative fencing solutions you can trust

At Zaun, we develop, make, and fit government-approved fences that enable us to offer our clients full service and expert advice. So get in touch with us today to put a stronger security solution in place swiftly.