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Assessing your security solution

Assessing your security solution

02nd March 2017

The start of a brand-new year is ideal for checking that your current security solution is still viable and reliable. You already know what your secure course, your system will have to deal with in the coming year. In fact, in our last blog entry, we discussed the threats that it might have to deal with in 2017. But is your security system ready for those threats? In today’s blog, we’d like to give you some simple advice on how to judge your security system’s viability. We hope this will help you decided between keeping your current system, updating it or replacing it.

1. Checking for fencing damage

As we’ve pointed out before, perimeter fencing is the most basic and important component of any security system. If you want to judge the state of your current security solution accurately, the first thing you should check is the integrity of your fencing. You should look for gaps, fractures and signs of rusting in each panel of security fencing. It is also advisable to test the strength of your fencing by putting pressure on it. Does it move too much when pushed? Can you damage it yourself without using heavy equipment? If so, you may wish to consider updating and replacing your fencing.

2. Testing electronic components

Alarms, electrified fencing, CCTV cameras and other electronic deterrents are only effective if they are fully operational. Take the time to test each electronic component of your security system in turn. We recommend that you check that each alarm goes off when it is triggered. Furthermore, you should check that each CCTV camera records images of good quality in real-time. Also, make sure that any stretches of electrified fencing you have can be activated with ease. Finally, be. Comparing your security solution to your needs

If your business has changed or grown, your current security solution may no longer be adequate. Similarly, if the threat landscape has changed in a way that affects you, you may need to improve your security system. Think carefully about the types of intruders and criminals who are likely to target your site or premises and be honest with yourself about whether your current security solution could stop them.

If you need to update or replace your security solution, we at Zaun are here to help. We offer perimeter fencing, electronic security devices and comprehensive security solutions. Contact Zaun to find out more.