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Three ways temporary fencing can help established businesses

Three ways temporary fencing can help established businesses

13th June 2017

Here at Zaun, we don’t just sell permanent fencing solutions; we also aim to provide reliable, high-quality temporary fencing. You may believe that temporary fencing is designed primarily to protect temporary events such as sporting or music events. While temporary fencing is commonly used to protect these events, there are plenty of other situations where it can also be deployed. If you own a business or organisation with permanent premises, you may think that temporary fencing isn’t for you. In reality, however, it could benefit you greatly. In today’s blog, we’ll look at some of the ways businesses and organisations like yours can deploy temporary security fencing.

1. Dealing with gaps in your perimeter

Do you need to replace a panel of security fencing? Has an old wall that used to restrict access to your premises fallen down or been compromised? In situations like these, it’s obviously important to fill the gap in your perimeter as quickly as possible. While you sort out a way to fix the problem permanently, you can use temporary fencing to cover the gap in your perimeter. This should prevent would-be intruders and criminals from taking advantage of the temporary security weakness.

2. Protecting your premises during renovations

Throughout the life of your business or organisation, there will be periods when you have to close your premises to the public so you can renovate. Renovations can be somewhat disruptive. As a result, your ordinary, well-established security measures may not be sufficient during periods of renovation (particularly if you don’t have a permanent fencing solution). That’s why it’s often worth setting up a perimeter made from temporary security fencing during these periods. Don’t let criminals use a renovation as an opportunity to get into your premises: protect it with temporary security fencing.

3. Surviving chaotic events

Protests, riots, and even chaotic public celebrations can threaten businesses in their immediate vicinity. Even if none of the individuals involved has a problem with your business, chaotic events tend to create conditions where vandalism and criminality are possible. If you know or suspect that such an event is likely to happen near your premises, putting up temporary security fencing is a great way to protect your business or organisation.

Don’t ignore temporary security fencing just because you run a business or organisation with permanent premises. This type of fencing is a great way to protect yourself during periods of disruption and chaos, so look at our range of temporary fencing options today.