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Security Issues – Keeping Outdoor Football Pitches Safe

Security Issues – Keeping Outdoor Football Pitches Safe

22nd October 2019

Outdoor football pitches can easily become a target to criminals when outside of operating hours. Therefore, keeping the pitch safe is paramount to enable any future events to take place. Many people may think that an outdoor pitch wouldn’t be a target for criminals, but there are several things that an unprotected pitch is vulnerable to. Furthermore, keeping the pitch off-limits to intruders isn’t only about stopping crime; animals can also cause damage to your pitch if it isn’t well-protected.

What can outdoor pitches be vulnerable to?

If a pitch is not well-protected, opportunist trespassers may decide it’s a great place to have a kick about. Obviously, this can cause damage or unwanted wear and tear to the pitch without the right footwear and monitoring. In addition, an outdoor pitch surface will need to be replaced after a certain amount of use, so limiting use to private matches or training sessions will prolong the surface’s life.


Without security deterrents, vandals can easily enter the pitch to cause damage or deface the area with graffiti. This may be more likely to happen if the pitch is home to a certain football team, with rival team fans wanting to cause damage to the premises.


Goalposts, training gear, or other items left on the premises can be stolen if the area isn’t secure. Some football clubs will even have valuable trophies on display that may be a target for thieves.


Securing the property using welded mesh or woven mesh fencing can be a good way to keep unwanted visitors and avoid any damage. In combination with other security solutions such as CCTV, security fencing can keep outdoor football pitches safe from thieves and opportunist trespassers. Installing a security fence doesn’t have to be expensive and should also be seen as an investment. A fence can prevent thousands of pounds worth of damage from occurring and mean that only verified individuals will be able to enter the premises.

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